" I'm gonna run you
over when I come
back down"
- Dennis Nedry
Intercontinental Music Lab

Ancient Greeks and Circus Freaks

This album entered a new world for the IML. By opting for two themes at once we stood the chance of getting completely mixed up but oddly there turned out to be lots of consistency. We knitted the tracks together with a short story for the first time (though there was a beautiful spoken word track on Superheroes of the Sea). This album contains some of the heaviest and some of the most sensitive moments from the group yet.

Release date: December 2009, Album artwork: Tim Donderevo, Album wrangler: Barney Brown, Layla Vandenbergh, Album mastered by: Tim Donderevo

1. Overture
Written and performed by Barney Brown and Joseph Ashley-Smith
2. The Freeekshow
Subject: Circus Freaks, Written by Greg Dean. Performed by Greg Dean, Barney Brown and Layla Vandenbergh
3. The Story of Chang and Eng Bunker
Subject: Chang and Eng Bunker, Written and performed by Julian Peters and Sam Berry
4. La Salsa Des Immortelles
Subject: Gorgons, Music by Dan Waldkirch. Lyrics and vocals by Audrey Fisher. Guitar solo by Rob Fisher
5. Medusa
Subject: Medusa, Written and performed by Barney Brown
6. The Blacksmith
Subject: Hephaestus, Music by Joe Dean. Lyrics and vocals by Greg Dean
7. The Stretcher
Subject: Procrustes, Written and performed by Dan Waldkirch
8. Interval
Subject: Ancient Greeks and Circus Freaks, Written and performed by Barney Brown and Joseph Ashley-Smith
9. I Can’t Give You Anything But Love
Subject: Prince Randian, Written and performed by Tim Donderevo
10. Really Tall People
Subject: Robert Wadlow, Written by B.T. Apricot. Performed by B.T. Apricot, Julian Peters and Sam Berry
11. If You Close Your Eyes
Subject: Jo-Jo the Dog-Faced Man, Music by Dan Gresham/Greg Dean. Piano and Cymbal by Don Schwartz. Lyrics by Greg Dean. Vocals by Audrey Fisher and Greg Dean
12. Captivated
Subject: Mabel Stark, Written and performed by Layla Vandenbergh
13. Ordinary Bones
Subject: Julia Pastrana, Music and vocals by Rob Fisher. Lyrics by Bercilak de Hautdesert
14. Denouement
Written and performed by Barney Brown and Joseph Ashley-Smith

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