"I'm not really
interested in
making money"
- Steve Spielberg
Intercontinental Music Lab

Blue If You Don’t, Blue If You Do

Subject: Blue Throated Macaw, Lyrics and vocals: Mike Weber, Music: Tim Donderevo

Come fly to me. There's a destination that I think you'd love,
Green trees below and clear skies above.
All I know is that I...
I'm enjoying my time away,
But I sure miss you

I'll be blue if you don't, I'll be blue if you do join me.
I'll be blue if you don't, but I'll be blue if you do fly to me.

Come take my wing, accept it as my apology.
A cage will make you say crazy things,
Things that I've heard before...
But I don't mean them,
I was just repeating what I heard them say.

(Come fly to me)
I'll help you spread your wings and soar.
So many places we can go.
Come take a little trip with me.
I really miss you baby.

Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported