"I'm not really
interested in
making money"
- Steve Spielberg
Intercontinental Music Lab

Kakapo Family Reunion 2005

Subject: Kakapo, Lyrics and vocals: Dan Waldkirch, Music: Barney Brown

Welcome, dear friends who were
Lucky enough to survive
To the Kakapo Family Reunion
Two thousand and five

There's a phone by the tree,
If you're mating, to make all your calls
There's a bin by the door for your
Gross indigestible balls

I see Bella and Boomer and
Basil, I'm so glad you came
And Gumboots, you rascal
You'll always live up to your name

Well the little ones Mossie and Millie
Won't leave me alone
But my gorgeous wife Heather
She loves my 100 Hertz Tone

I see Sandra and Suzie
and Jester and Jimmie and Joe
But what happened to Whiskas and Pegasus
We'll never know

Well our family reunion gets smaller
With each passing year
So let's all have a seed for the parrots
Who couldn't be here

Oh maybe our lives would be different
If we could fly
Oh we're easy to kill, but that
doesn't mean we have to die.

Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported