"You're gonna need
a bigger boat"
- Martin Brody
Intercontinental Music Lab

The Holdouts

Subject: Post war holdouts, Music: Jim Smith and Barney Brown, Vocal and Lyrics: Julian Peters and Sam Berry

You’ll never take me alive
I’ll keep on fighting like it’s 1945
They’re dropping leaflets on me now they’re not bombs
They say “The war is over” but they’re wrong

There’s groups of people out there calling my name
They’re trying to trick me but I know their game
They’ll do anything to get me to come
I hear a voice
Sounds like my Mum

And they’re saying…

Hey soldier
We bloody told ya
Your war is over
So come on home

I’m a man who knows he knows what is what
I’ve been living on cows and coconut
I steal their animals and burn all their rice
29 years disrupting enemy supplies

I’ve seen my unit whittled down to just one
But a guerrilla never lonely when he’s got his gun
And I’ll be ready when the victory comes
Standing to attention in my uniform

But they keep saying…

Hey soldier
We bloody told ya
Your war is over
So come on home

Second lieutenant?
Major? I can’t believe…can’t believe you’re here major.
At ease soldier. It’s been 29 years.
Do you want a coconut?
No, I don’t want a coconut. I want you to listen to me very carefully.
We have to act quickly. There’s a big pile of enemy rice.
Enemy what?
Enemy cows!
Massive enemy cows.
Cows aren’t bad.
They’re massive!
Shhh. Me. Listen! It’s over. Your war is over.


Its over! (What is?)
Your war is over. (What?)
I said it’s over.
Come on come.

Its over.
My war is over.
Now its over.
I’m going home.

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