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Intercontinental Music Lab

Depressed Yeti Tell-All

Subject: The Yeti, Music by Craig Macintosh, Lyrics & Vocals by Eric Lebofsky

The air up here is crisp and white
Its cold enough but I’m not uptight
It certainly seems like a good day to die
Think I’ll get hunted and my insides
Ripped wide
Cause I’m a yeti
It’s what you want to rip my
Myth-sides wide open

I pick my berries by the edge of the cliff
I pull my daises where the stems are stiff
I store the carcass where the coast is clear
I have seen danger
But I do not fear
Cause I’m a yeti

I look like an australopithecine
But I’ve got
Man fear
Behind those eyes

I can’t remember
The last time I mated
I can’t revisit
The last time I dated
I can’t imagine
The last time I made it
Oh I really want to
But there is no Craigslist
For a yeti
We give birth once in awhile
To fully formed offspring
Who don’t need a family

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