"Throw me the idol
No time to argue"
- Sapito
Intercontinental Music Lab

Message Of The 13

Subject: Crystal Skulls, Music by Tim Donderevo, Lyrics & Vocals by Layla Vandenbergh

I’ve been dreaming about you, I’ve got to find you

Gonna find me a crystal skull
Open my mind to hear your song
They say they’re from another dimension
They’ve got unearthly intention
Hear your message from the ages
Take me back to the founding mothers
I’ll find you

Aaaa ahhh
You waited aeons hiding ‘neath temple rocks
Storing memories deep inside quartz

There will soon be a meeting of the thirteen

Finally I’ve got you in my hands
Wow, you’re so smooth
Are you the thirteenth?
The way you get into my head
It’s so intense
I’m seeing more clearly now
Crystal clear

Piezoelectric messaging baby
Transmit the world of Mesoamericans
Reverse through eras, I see the world changing
Oceans parting, Atlantis rising
Crystal tech brought by aliens
Making new life, a race of hybrids
They made us?

Aaaa ahhhh
Thirteen skulls gathered; a message for all
Interstella communication

It has long been prophecised that we are entering a new epoch, a new time.
The Ancients foresaw this would be a time of change, a time for the world to heal.
A time of enlightenment and spiritual growth.
Harmony, healing, peace, love and hope to reign true.

You should have been ready for this time but a different path has been chosen
The path to your DOOM.
You have failed in your obligations to this planet
And frankly you’ve made a mess.

Thirteen skulls collected together
Cosmic crystals with awesome power
Elimination is the final answer

Aaaa ahhhh
It’s the end of the line for all humankind
Commencing annihilation


Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported