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Intercontinental Music Lab

Superheroes of Science

Our beloved first album. We wanted to pick a theme which we figured all the musicians that we were working with would be into. At this stage, we knew personally all the people involved with the project so knew we’d be safe with science. It turned out that the scientists that surrounded the science all had fascinating stories behind them, making it a lot easier to make emotional music about science than we’d imagined. And funny stuff as well.

Release date: September 2008, Album artwork: Tim Donderevo, Album wrangler: Barney Brown, Album mastered by: Tim Donderevo

1. Wondermachines
Subject: Alberto Santos-Dumont, Music by Greg Dean and Rob Fisher, Lyrics/Vocals by Barney Brown & Layla Vandenbergh
2. Call Them X
Subject: Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen, Music by Tim Donderevo, Lyrics/Vocals by Oli Hayhurst with Theo & Violet Hayhurst
3. Oh My Beautiful Problem Child
Subject: Albert Hofmann, Music by Dan Gresham, Lyrics by Tim Donderevo, Vocals by Kelly Hoglund
4. Dr Robotnik
Subject: Dr Robotnik, Music by Richard Yates and Bercilak de Hautdesert, Lyrics by Julian Peters, vocals by Julian Peters and Aya Saito
5. La Ballade de Mr Matthews
Subject: John Matthews, Music by Juju Peters, Lyrics/vocals by Rob & Audrey Fisher
6. There Is Science In This Child
Subject: James Chadwick, Music by Tim Donderevo, Lyrics/Vocals by Bercilak de Hautdesert, with Elliot and Sammy Brown
7. Sailing Back To Spain
Subject: Antonio De Ulloa, Music by Julian Peters, Lyrics/Vocals by Greg Dean
8. Researchers of the P.I.E.R.C
Subject: Pacific Islands Research Centre, Music by Barney Brown, Lyrics/Vocals by Joseph Ashley-Smith
9. Take Me Home To Orgonon
Subject: Wilhelm Reich, Music by Joseph Ashley-Smith, Lyrics/vocals by Rob Fisher
10. John Muir
Subject: John Muir, Music by Rob Fisher, Lyrics/vocals by Julian Peters, backing vocals Rob Fisher
11. Agent On The Threshold
Subject: John C Lilly, Music by Joseph Ashley-Smith, Lyrics/Vocals by Tim Donderevo
12. Know It Now
Subject: Galileo Galilei, Music by Oli Hayhurst, Lyrics/Vocals by Barney Brown
13. Saviour of Mothers
Subject: Ignaz Semmelweis, Music by Rob Fisher, Lyrics/Vocals by Kip Loades

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