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Dr Robotnik

Subject: Dr Robotnik, Music by Richard Yates and Bercilak de Hautdesert, Lyrics by Julian Peters, vocals by Julian Peters and Aya Saito

So another day has passed you’ve done the same old things,
You’ve been bouncing off springs and collecting gold rings,
Rolling over bridges that crumble away,
But Christ Between here and level 5 someone stands in your way,

Kukukachoo he’s searching for you
His IQ is 300 so what the Dickens will you do,
You must get past him if you want to curl into a ball at home,
Watch out he’s twice as brainy as soft porn queen Sharon Stone

That’s right, the Eggman

Although most people aren’t quite sure what his game is,
everyone knows he’s the spit of Windsor Davies
So when you see him coming boy you better run
Because this Mutha F “Aint half hot mum”

But For someone so bright to devote his life
To hunting down a hedgehog something isnt quite right,
Building mecha suits that are amour clad,
To be destroyed by a hedgehog well that’s just plain sad

Slender legs like Red Rum,
A hedgehog hater,
Kicking hedgehogs to death
The Eggman

Winsaa Deibisu (Windsor Davies)
Winsaa Deibisu (Windsor Davies)
Shiranai shiranai (I don’t know, I don’t know)
Wakanai (I don’t understand)
Mo ikai (once more please?)
Wakatta (I got it!)
Einta hafu hotto mum deshou (Aint half hot mum, isn’t it?)

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