"You're gonna need
a bigger boat"
- Martin Brody
Intercontinental Music Lab

Superheroes of Space

Space turned out to be a killer of a theme. Unsurprisingly the topic created a lot of reverb, electronica, large noises and tiny tiny noises. Perhaps our most sonically coherent album, Superheroes of Space was probably our biggest party record. For specialist parties. This also formed the last album of what came to be known the Superheroes trilogy.

Release date: June 2009, Album artwork: Greg Dean, Album wrangler: Greg Dean, Album mastered by: Tim Donderevo

1. Laika
Subject: Laika, Music: Kip Loades (produced by Rob Fisher), Lyrics and Vocals: Layla Vandenbergh
2. Droids (gonna rock this mothership)
Subject: Droids, Music: Dan Gresham, Lyrics and Vocals: Greg Dean
3. An Echo of Mimesis
Subject: James Turrell, Music: Joe Dean, Lyrics: Tim Donderevo, Vocals: Kelly Hoglund
4. I am the Space Hand
Subject: DEXTRE, Music: Jimmy Schmitz: First Engineer ISS (additional synth commands: Doctor 30), Lyrics: Tim Donderevo, Vocals: Microsoft Mike
5. Russian Man Outside
Subject: Alexy Leonov, Music: Greg Dean, Lyrics and Lead Vocals: Barney Brown / Kip Loades
6. Voyager
Subject: Voyager, Music: Robot Android Fisher, Lyrics and Vocals: Craig Macintosh
7. Dear Mars Rovers
Subject: Mars Rovers, Music: Craig Macintosh, Lyrics and vocals: Jules Peters, Backing Vocals: Sam Berry
8. Probe II’s Golden Message
Subject: Voyager II, Music: Dan Waldkirch, Lyrics and Vocals: Kip Loades
9. Klaatu Barada Nikto
Subject: Klaatu Barada Nikto, Music: Mike Weber, Lyrics and Vocals: Joseph Ashley-Smith
10. Lonely Planets Club
Subject: Pluto, Music: Tim Marchand and Jules Peters (percussion: Julian Lambert), Lyrics and Vocals: Dan Waldkirch
11. Dave
Subject: 2001, Music: Eric Lebofsky/Tim Donderevo, Lyrics and Vocals: Bob Rocket
12. Space Junk
Subject: Space Junk, Music: Barney Brown (additional drums: Jim Smith), Lyrics and Vocals: Eric Lebofsky / Tim Donderevo
13. Step Aside Roger Moore
Subject: Yuri Gagarin, Music: Digital Midget, Lyrics and Vocals: Jimmy Binks and the Shakehorns: JuPiter (Jules Peters), Spaceman Sam (Sam Berry) Tim Martian (Tim Marchand) (additional backing vocals: Eddie “Dwiddles” Peters)
14. That’s the Worm’s Game
Subject: Wormholes, Music: Jules Peters (drums and percussion: Julian Lambert), Lyrics: Bercilak de Hautdesert / Richard Yates, Vocals: Bercilak de Hautdesert / Madeleine Staples
15. Freeman Lowell
Subject: Freeman Lowell, Music: The Incredible Flight of Birdman, Lyrics and Vocals: Tim Marchand
16. The Burning Man
Subject: Gully Foyle, Music: Joseph Ashley-Smith, Lyrics and Vocals: Dan Waldkirch

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