"You're gonna need
a bigger boat"
- Martin Brody
Intercontinental Music Lab


Subject: Laika, Music: Kip Loades (produced by Rob Fisher), Lyrics and Vocals: Layla Vandenbergh

Missile tech is what we did
Went to space with first Sputnik
Khruschev decreed a space spectacular
Celebrate the revolution

Cold slums of Moscow, your only known home
Oh Laika, small comrade, come help, help win this race

We took mongrels from the street
Should be used to survival feats
Put in boxes ever smaller
How many days can you stay in Laika?
Ever obedient, perfect citizen
Perfect trainee little Muttnik
Iodine spots mark the sensors
Suited, strapped. To the Cosmodrome

You blasted, your heart raced, you could not calm down
Oh Laika, you circled the Earth in weightlessness

Look at us Americos, Soviet victorious!

Confinement and centrifuge
In the lab did not prepare for this
Sit quiet if you can, forget the chains and calm that heart
Agitated but more restful now
In orbit, mission cleared
Damaged craft, loss of protection
Heating up now, how long can this last

Temperature rising, elliptical sway
Oh Laika, you gave all you had and faded away

Our world desire for space supremacy
The dogma, oh Laika, your life, it’s your legacy

You led the way for safer flight
The only one we sent to die
In our hearts, comrade respect
Have we learnt enough Kudryavka?
You paved the way for safer flight
The only one we left to die
In our hearts, comrade respect
Sweet little Laika now we regret

Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported