"You're gonna need
a bigger boat"
- Martin Brody
Intercontinental Music Lab

Superheroes of the Sea

That not so difficult second album. The sea conjured up stories of monsters, explorers and less freaky members of the natural world. We welcomed in some new members for this album and had our first full band collaboration with Windy Old Weather. We also kicked off the concept of changing who was running the ship to see how that would effect the end result.

Release date: December 2008, Album artwork: Greg Dean, Album wrangler: Rob Fisher, Album mastered by: Tim Donderevo

1. How to Prove a Point
Subject: Thor Heyerdahl, Music: Tim Donderevo, Lyrics and Vocals: Jules Peters
2. Nemo of the Nautilus
Subject: Captain Nemo, Music: Joseph Ashley-Smith, Lyrics and Vocals: Barney Brown and Layla Vandenbergh
3. Sea City
Subject: Sea Cities, Music: Greg Dean and Rob Fisher, Lyrics: Eric Lebofsky, Vocals: Eric Lebofsky and Jenny Cohen
4. Molusco Hermoso
Subject: Hexabranchus Sanguineus, Music: Jules Peters, Lyrics and Vocals: Kip Loades
5. Cunning Odysseus
Subject: Odysseus, Music: Eric Lebofsky, Lyrics and Vocals: Barney Brown, Oli Hayhurst and Tim Donderevo
6. For Fear of the Light
Subject: Abtu and Anet, Music: Dan Waldkirch, Lyrics and Vocals: Bercilak de Hautdesert, Backing Vocals: Madeleine Staples, Doug Stuart, Rob Fisher, Richard Yates
7. The Testimony of Oliver Deveau
Subject: The Mary Celeste, Music: Oli Hayhurst, Lyrics and Vocals: Joseph Ashley-Smith
8. Plankton
Subject: Plankton, Music: Rob Fisher, Lyrics: Tim Donderevo, Vocals: Kelly Hoglund and Tim Turton
9 King of Pirates
Subject: Edward Teach, Music: The Incredible Flight of Birdman, Lyrics: Dan Waldkirch, Vocals: Dan & Maria Waldkirch
10. The Love Song of the Mako Shark
Subject: The Mako Shark, Music: Dan Gresham, Lyrics and Vocals: Timothy S Marchand, Backing Vocals: Jules Peters
11. The Shelter of a Shanty Home
Subject: Flotsam, Music: Timothy S Marchand and Jules Peters, Lyrics: Rob Fisher, Vocals: Rob & Audrey Fisher
12. Oh Jeannie
Subject: Jeanne Bare, Music: Barney Brown, Lyrics and Vocals: Greg Dean, Glockenspiel: Don Schwartz
13. Windy Old Weather
Subject: Fish of the Sea, Music: Trad./Jules Peters, Greg Dean, Rob Fisher and Aya Saito, Lyrics: Trad./Kip Loades, Vocals: The IML, Produced by Barney Brown and Tim Donderevo

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